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Shortly after we were hit by 2020, Vivident wanted to advertise three products in one TVC.  
What these three had in common was to give instant refreshment which made me think about the instant changes we’ve been going through. Online education, home-office, long-distance relationships…
By linking these freshly out scenarios with the three products, the film basically says ‘’If all changes in an instant, refresh your mood with instant refreshment.’’ in Turkish.  :)

Advertiser: Perfetti Van Melle / Vivident 
Agency: TBWA / Istanbul = çözüm 
Creative Director: Ozan Can Bozkurt
Creative Group Head: Erce Ulusoy

Copywriter: Başak Özkeskin

Art Director: İrem Alkan 

Production: Organic Films

Director: Gökdeniz Uslu

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