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yayla yemek hazır


The brief was to encourage people to try Yayla Yemek Hazır's already-boiled legumes and rice. So, the first thing that popped up in my mind was those moments when you think that you tried everything; such as all the clothes in the mall, all the ways to win a match, or all the tricks to open up to your crush. But have you tried, Yayla Yemek Hazır? 

At those times of conflict, a famous TV persona, musician, and actor, Murat Boz can appear out of nowhere and kindly suggest that you try chickpeas or something, in Turkish. Sounds silly, and it is silly, but in a good way. 




Agency: TBWA / Istanbul = ÇÖZÜM

Creative Director: Ozan Can Bozkurt,
Creative Group Head: Erce Ulusoy
Head of Art: İrem Alkan
Copywriter: Başak Özkeskin, Özgür Biçer

Account Team: Yusuf Ziya Erdönmez, Elif Onat Bozkurt, Yasemin Asaad, Ayça Günaydın

Strategy: Ahmet Yener, Can Erdönmez

Production: Organic Film
Director: Kıvanç Baruönü

Post Production: Sinefekt

Music: Jingle House

Mediums: TV, Dijital

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