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Alfemo is one of the leading furnishing brands in Turkey. On Women’s Day, what we wanted to bring to the table was the importance of gender equality. So, we showed how inequality would look like if it was a table. It wouldn’t stand. Because #WeStandTogether. As simple as that.  

Of course, we also created
 a real-life installation of it to be exhibited in public places.  
This was my first piece of work on TV, on something I truly care about. My mom probably cried.  

Aired on daytime programs and had special coverage on Esra Erol's live show.  
Composed by the amazing pianist Anjelika Akbar. Dubbed by the famous musician Mazhar Alanson. Reached 7 million social media reach and 8.2 million impressions.  Reached 229.000 people via ALEM FM. Filmed on my birthday. I love this one. 



Kadınlar Günü.jpg

Agency: K A R P A T Independent Advertising Agency
Director: Levent Onan 
Music: Anjelika Akbar
Dubbing Artist: Mazhar Alanson

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